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Based out of Northwest Arkansas, Karen & Eric share a passion for photography and the outdoors. Always ready for an adventure, you might find these two playing in Milky Way land during new moon cycles, chasing storms on the plains, or hiking into remote sections of the Ozarks, enjoying the rivers, streams and waterfalls after a heavy rain. Karen & Eric are also animal lovers, and manage a small zoo including 3 rescue dogs, 2 cats, 2 turtles, a saltwater fish tank, and grow a vegetable garden to help feed everyone! Both Karen and Eric love tattoos, and are both heavily tattooed themselves. They love the tattoo scene, and enjoy the opportunity for a session of ink therapy when possible. Of course they can cover up their tattoos for special events and weddings, but if it’s July, 90 degrees outside, and you are easily offended by tattoos, these are probably not the photographers for you. Just a fair heads up! 🙂

Available for portrait sessions, special events, and weddings, check out our pricing page for specials on package deals.

Karen photographing daffodils in the Ozarks