Coming in Hot - A lightning strike in Western Kansas

Coming in Hot!

Meteorological spring was a few days ago. The buzz and chatter of the upcoming storm season is starting to hit the social media groups. That means storm chasers from multiple continents are preparing for convergence to bear witness to the upcoming onslaught of severe weather in the plains. New cameras, vehicle retrofitting, hail cages, mobile weather stations, forecasting and radar software, GPS, video and audio streaming technologies, are all part of the nearing events. Chasers and chaser groupies alike, are all talking strategy, location predictions, previous years victories and disappointments too. Pros are planning accordingly, tour companies are filling up the last of the open slots for the season, while amateur photographers and other storm enthusiasts have been saving every last penny since the end of last season, in order to pay for fuel and food this season. It’s a crazy mix of all different kinds of life with one thing in common, we’re all weather geeks. I know I’m getting excited about this season, how about you?


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