Night Skies from the Upper Buffalo Wilderness

I wandered around Whitaker Point Thursday night into Friday morning while collecting some imagery and time lapse. I met a nice fella name John from Fayetteville when I got there. He was there for the stars too, and it was his first time ever. He got a night sky education, he was stoked. But it got pretty darn cold, dropped to 35 degrees so he left around midnight. That’s when I had the place all to myself. I was prepared, I had layers on layers with duck down shells, ready for what mother nature was going to throw at me (although I still froze my ass off). It was too cold to sleep in the hammock, so I did calisthenics on and off to keep the blood pumping. When you are out in the wilderness by yourself, it gives you lots of time to think, and contemplate life’s next moves. I have a few ideas, nothing set in stone, but the potential is there, and that is exciting.


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